We are Health and Energy The Five Elements, a non-profit, professional civil association recognized for the quality in the design and execution of projects with a high level of institutionality and transparency in the administration and management of resources.

Due to our strategic location and the level of need of the surrounding population, we provide health and environmental services with direct attention to 10 municipalities in the state of Veracruz. Projects aligned with the 2030 agenda of the UN.

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We are a health and environmental support organization with direct impact in 10 municipalities in the state of Veracruz.


To be a national and international reference institution in the execution of impact projects on individuals, their families and communities.


+ Passion for helping

+ Love for the earth

+ Discipline and transparency


With the HEALTH AND NUTRITION program we seek to reach all corners of our region, to provide physical, mental and emotional health through different specialized projects in each of these topics.

Food as a basis for health, early care in medical, psychological and alternative matters are

part of our program.

We participate in building a healthy and well-fed community.


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Don’t miss the tortilla at the family table

The tortilla is the basis in the food of Mexicans, we seek to support while Mexican families can recover their economy a little.

Diagnosed childhood, cared for childhood – Autism

Most of our girls and boys with ASD are not diagnosed and this is of the utmost importance so that they can have treatment.

Community gardens, organic food for the community

Improvement of food systems at the family level that allow a better use of the land and the family economy.

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