Scorpio And You May Aquarius Compatibility In Love & Life: An Effective Visionary Relationships

They are both aware of their need for personal space and appreciate their differences. Since Aquarius does not follow conventional thinking, it can prove tough for anyone trying to predict their outcomes. They can readily shock you and are full of surprises.

Even if they have a joint project or are on a team, an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman will probably not actually work together. Aquarius generally prefers to do things their own way, and have trouble adjusting to changes in their routine. She is also not quite as stubborn as he is, and she can be slowly persuaded to change her mind on occasion. She also may be slightly more concerned about what others will think of her than an Aquarius man, but not much. An Aquarius woman has no interest in conforming to or rebelling against gender role expectations.

#2: Respect his private space

Aquarius men also tend to cause a commotion wherever they go. He’s ruled by Uranus, planet of disruption, after all, but that doesn’t justify how much he loves to showboat himself. He’s both hyper aware of how different he is and readily hamming it up front of others for validation. He sometimes adopts a contrary nature just for the sake of being different, it seems, especially when he’s in a bad mood.

It is even better when your ideas happen to be unique and progressive. This guy is future minded, and he wants his woman to be as well. You’ve been on a few dates with your Aquarius man and it’s moving in a direction you like. Aquarius men love surprises since they’re curious about everything.

There’s no one like the Aquarius man in the entire zodiac. With his unique way of thinking, he does things that for many seem amazing. Innovative, with an affirmative outlook and kinky, the Aquarius is generally known as a humanist. So, it is no wonder you find him a little intimidating at first, and that is because he is. It’s definitely apparent that this guy knows where he is going and what it is going to take to get him where he needs to be.

Also, neither of these signs tend to make the first move. This could make it hard for them to get together in the first place. On the other hand, when a Capricorn woman does enter into a relationship, she is loving and devoted.

Everything is an intellectual pursuit for him; emotions rarely come into play with anything in his life. He needs to be surrounded by many different people to keep his intellect sharp, so don’t expect a lot of alone time with your Aquarius guy. To stay in his favor, make sure to get in good with his closest companions.


Sexual attraction and compatibility are essential when dating. Be flirty, classy, weird, playfully slutty… whatever floats your boat. Aquarian men are good-natured and strive to work for the greater good. When dating an Aquarian man, it’s a good idea to emphasize your good-natured side.

Grip his attention with a mysterious and complex persona

Working towards a greater good together will attract him and bond him to you. Aquarian men aren’t dramatic and don’t like to be around people who are. So check any melodramatic tendencies you have at the door. Over time he will build confidence in your relationship, and it’ll be time to step up the heat.

Know that yourself is all he wants.Be honest at all times. Honesty and sincerity are essential for anyone seeking a long-term connection to this dynamic personality. When it comes to love, people best suited are those that are not thrown off by Aquarian frankness and honesty. Open, communicative, imaginative, and willing to risk are all qualities that blend well with this sign’s perspective on life. Aquarians are big on trust and need it to open up romantically. You must wait patiently until he’s ready to open up to you.

They can Overcomplicate the Gray Areas in Your Relationship

He has a complex persona, and it takes skill to understand him enough to attract him successfully. Given his inward drive, the Aquarius male is someone who makes for a tremendous entrepreneur when it comes to careers. As a coworker, he is someone who will help you when you need it, who will challenge you to think about problems in new ways, and who will earn your trust. If you thrive on friendships that feature interesting conversations, anAquarius friendis going to be a good fit for you. TheAquarius manis always thinking, always full of insightful thoughts, and always ready to take on new ideas. An Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman are an unlikely match.