What type of religious social part the newest region away from Nakhichevan did gamble in the longevity of the latest Armenian someone?

What type of religious social part the newest region away from Nakhichevan did gamble in the longevity of the latest Armenian someone?

The fresh Goght‘a keen State is not just well-known just like the an effective motherland out of Armenian tunes and you will music also an effective divine set, in which Mesrop Mashtots‘ came up with the theory to manufacture brand new Armenian national alphabet, programs, schools, and you can literature

Address 8. The latest territories of Nakhichevan are one of the Armenian social cradles. The area, where the somebody passed down the literary works by word regarding throat associated with the music out-of bambirs (Armenian federal drum) more than ages, the same music away from troubadours in the same place became brand new reasoning in order to make Armenian emails and you will build literature throughout the Armenian program. Mashtots‘ centered right here the initial scriptoria, getting a further Armenization rules. Armenian structural property, strongholds, bridges, caravansary, churches, chapels, khach‘k‘ars, or other monuments on the territory of Nakhichevan try a museum in the wild heavens. St. Thomas Monastery, St. Christopher Chapel, and the Church of your Holy Mom out of Goodness had been recognized given that 4 th millennium. These types of Places of worship had been made in the metropolis from Agulis off Goght‘a keen State. St. Karapet Monastery of one’s region of Aprakunik‘from Erjank Province, the five th -millennium St. Nshan Church throughout the village from Bist-Bust- Pust off Goght‘a keen Province, St. Thomas Monastery manufactured in new community from Vanand of Goght‘an enthusiastic Province about 5 th millennium, Monastery off Holy Mommy Goodness away from Norashen of 10 th century, Karmir Monastery of Astapat of your 8 th 100 years, Holy Trinity Church out-of Nakhichevan of one’s six th 100 years, expose the new regions, in which the Arabs burnt off Armenian nakharars for the 706 ; the fresh new Azeris missing so it chapel inside 1925. You will find lots and lots of Armenian church buildings of your 10 th -19 th many years throughout the areas from Nakhichevan, hence, Azeris, unfortuitously, both lost otherwise demolished, or damaged, razed to the ground, and you will, today, the places of worship try abolished. More over, the brand new area away from Nakhichevan is famous for Ordubad, Ernjak, Adba-Berd, Chahuk, Shahapunik‘, or any other strongholds. The region out of Nakhichevan are high in khach‘k‘ars, on which Letter. Mar published: ‘The brand new monuments of forefathers, absolutely, characterizing new Armenian art…[represent] the brand new fourth stage away from evolutions of the old sculptural artwork away from Armenia. The initial stage of development is actually seen in huge sculptural fishes used in Geghama Mountains, from the vishaps (dragons) erected on cuatro th -5 th plenty in the past, BC, another stage out-of progression is watched when you look at the articles or monuments away from Empire out of Van, the next phase regarding evolution are found into the pillars which have the latest sculptural decor away from early Christianity, that happen to be toned around brand new ten th century, and, up coming, khach‘k‘ars.

The fresh Azerbaijani effect enjoys consistently been to simply refuse one Armenians had previously stayed in the region

New cemetery of one’s city of Old Julfa from the historical Ernjak State appreciated industry prominence about 9 th -19 th many years. This new cemetery has also been surmounted by 10000 khach‘kars, which have nigerian online dating been vandalized and transferred to other places from the Azerbai, as a result it turned into an abandoned place. ‘When you look at the , british Brand new Protector had written on the Azerbaipaign regarding full ‘cultural cleansing’ for the Nakhichevan: Satellite imagery, comprehensive documentary research, and private levels indicated that 89 churches, 5840 khach‘kars, and 22000 tombstones was indeed destroyed anywhere between 1997 and you will 2006, including the gothic necropolis regarding Julfa, the greatest ancient Armenian cemetery global. ‘

Agulis, Aprakunis, Shorot‘, Norashen (Norakert), Dated Julfa, K‘rna, Nakhichevan, Astapat, Kuk‘we, Otsop‘ and other agreements with regards to monasteries, scriptoria, or other schools played a vital role in the history of scribal artwork of your Armenian individuals, where hundreds of manuscript guides have been introduced and you will stored at Mashtots‘ Matenadaran away from Ancient Manuscripts regarding Erevan. Of numerous distinguished data, who were to start with out-of Nakhichevan, started higher spiritual, informative, informative, army art, county, and political movements. Included in this was Hakob IV, Catholicos of the many Armenians (1655-1680), Aleksandr I off Julfa, Catholiocos of all of the Armenians (1706-1714), Ghazar We of Jahuk, Catholicos of all the Armenians (1737-1751), Simon vardapet from Julfa (the fresh new 17 th century), Step‘anos vardapet, a writer of new Lamentation away from Julfa of your own 17 th 100 years, Andreas K‘ahana (priest), who condemned the Persian harem and you will was martyred, Hovhannes vardapet from Julfa, an author of brand new 17 th millennium, Minas away from Julfa, a painter of one’s 17 th 100 years, Hovhannes regarding Maku, an author of the new Crying more , a writer of the newest Lamentation away from Julfa of your own 17 th century, Khach‘atur abegha (monk) off Julfa of your own 18 th 100 years, Petros di Sargis off Gilanents‘, a writer of the fresh Chronology of your 18 th 100 years, in the first place out of Julfa, Zak‘aria of Agulis, a writer of the fresh Recollection of your 18 th 100 years, Mkrtich‘ off Ernjak, good vardapet of the 18 th century, Poghos bishop out-of Nakhichevan of 18 th century, Petros K‘alant‘aryan, a popular physician of your 18 th century, originally regarding Julfa, while others. Regarding the 16 th -18 th years, in both Julfa and you can European countries, founders off Armenian printing property and you will data, who have selflessly faithful by themselves to that great social hobby, Gaspar Sahratyan from Julfa, Nahapet Gulnazaryan off Agulis, Nazar off Julfa, Mathew regarding Vanand Hovhannisyan, Ghukas off Vanand Nurinjanyan, Grigor Khaldaryan from Julfa, although some was basically really-known.

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