What is Conversational Marketing and How to Use it for Your Business?

The campaign led to 6,000 conversations and a 20 percent increase in Purchase Consideration among M35-49. For many businesses, engaging in these types of conversations with clients to gain actionable insight requires scalable technologies such as chatbots or other digital solutions. Live conversation marketing definition chat agents are customer service and sales reps who interact directly with customers via chat messaging to answer questions, make offers, and provide support. Chatbots and live chats play critical roles in a balanced conversational marketing strategy, each with distinct strengths.

What is an example of conversational marketing?

The most conventional example of conversational marketing in action is the use of lead generation chatbots. They are perfect for automating the process of lead capture and qualifying leads as they come in. The chatbot can be triggered when someone visits a specific page or after a delay.

Companies use conversational marketing to book meetings, provide live support, and give customers a better experience. With a conversational-style page, the user sees how conversational marketing works. So, conversational marketing doesn’t always have to be through chat or to get qualified leads. Zendesk messaging is also simple to deploy and automate across all web, mobile, and social apps. Unlike Intercom or Drift, Zendesk provides teams with a unified agent workspace that is seamlessly integrated with messaging. Agents can easily view customer context and pull up the customer’s entire history of past conversations on any channel.

Live Chat

Conversational marketing helps you to meaningfully interact with your users. With these meaningful interactions, you as a business can get to the root of your user’s needs. Furthermore, you can combine the information from these meaningful interactions with expert knowledge and AI analytics. This will help you identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and increase your ROI. There are numerous benefits of conversational marketing in organic growth marketing. These benefits have attracted scores of marketers to conversational marketing.

  • Requested with a keyword, they automatically receive the latest information about Wipro.
  • It’s often hard to quantify things like improved customer satisfaction and correlate them to dollars in your bank account.
  • While you’re developing your conversational marketing strategy, consider how it can impact every part of your business.
  • Sales driven by conversations are likely to have a huge impact on helping sales teams connect with leads in a more personalized, helpful, and organic way.
  • One of the main advantages of this channel is complete control.
  • No wonder that by 2020, more than 85% of customer support interactions will be handled by chatbots.

If linked up well, this will create a smooth buying experience and help you create customers, faster and at a lower lead-gen cost. Using this approach provides companies with a huge opportunity to make the most out of their new store-front, their website. Interactive messaging platforms like WhatsApp are leveraging chatbots because an interactive environment encourages continuous engagement with real-time interactions. Conversational marketing chatbot exampleHence, a chatbot can guide your customers through the entire purchase journey. In Brendon’s case, automation saved tons of time for sales reps and allowed him to develop personalized offers that encourage buyers. A chatbot is a good “first line of defense” for connecting with customers.

Step 1: Map Customer Journey

If conversations are to have marketing and sales value, you need to be able to start, continue and finish these conversations when it’s convenient for your lead/customer. Different publications offer different conversational marketing definitions that focus on different parts of the business process. However, they all have one thing in common – the conversation which, in its very essence, is interactive, personal, and immediate. You could also add Insent.ai in the list of conversational marketing tools. They specifically cater to B2B SaaS businesses and is more like Drift on steroids. We believe it’s simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to incorporate conversational marketing into your business by building a conversational contact form.

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For example, someone looking for “pricing” should be able to see your most popular packages and exact costs. Engage visitors right away, ensuring they take the next step in your sales funnel. The ability to ask direct questions means you can present visitors with the right landing page, article, email list, or product to further their buying journey.

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Despite automation, they simulate the personalized conversational scenario of live chat experience thus, enabling businesses to scale without losing the “human touch”. Conversational marketing has grown from a simple hype to a stable trend and, ultimately, to being one of the leading approaches to digital marketing. However, we believe that conversation-driven marketing, while incredibly effective and at times even essential, is just a small part of a bigger picture.

conversation marketing definition

And it gives you analytics to check out to see how your Chatbots are doing. HealthTap also uses Facebook Messenger to help get leads and take are of existing customers. In fact, most of their business is based around this conversational strategy. Check out how Databox has a sidebar Chatbot on their homepage to get qualified leads.

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A single platform for personalizing conversations at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Microsoft and AWS unveiled supply chain management platforms that are intended to enable businesses to build capabilities in … PIM systems ensure sales channels display accurate product information. When beginning any strategic planning, it is important to keep in mind the goals and how the organization will attain them through the efforts. Selecting a particular strategy can be subjective between organizations. Built-in planning, implementation, testing and optimization cycles will help the program to succeed.

conversation marketing definition

When brands want a more casual, friendly, and effective way to connect with prospects and customers, they often turn to conversational marketing. One of the great aspects of conversational marketing is that it can be achieved with purely digital tools. No matter what platform you use, you can analyze your conversations and identify opportunities to improve. Understand that no marketing strategy has a 100% success rate on the first try. Setting up conversational marketing in your business is a process, not a one-time lottery event. You can craft meaningful relationships with your target market via conversational marketing strategies.

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